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How to Love Your Silver

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We know– it’s hard not to be crazy in love with sterling silver jewelry. Many of us love it so much, we wear it day and night (even sleep in it!).

But rocking it this way can result in one sad thing: tarnish.

It requires mindful loving care to maintain the timeless shimmer and shine of fine sterling. To keep your Betty B. silver treasures beautiful for years and years to come, here’s a few key facts to know about the metal, and some helpful tips on how to love your silver even more.


Mermaid tears

Glistening Mermaid Tears

Tarnish: A Natural Nuisance 

Tarnish naturally happens– and unfortunately, it makes silver look dingy or dirty.

Basically, when oxygen or sulfur come in contact with silver they chemically bond to its surface, and cause silver to appear discolored.

Tarnish will happen especially quick when exposed to salty ocean air (attention all you beach babes!), humidity, and any substance containing sulfur and, or chlorine– including body and household products (i.e. cleaning sprays or bleach wipes, lotions, fragrance, etc.)

Sparkling Wave Studs

Shimmering Wave Studs

Top Tips to Prevent Tarnish

To remove and prevent tarnish, regular cleaning, polishing, and proper storage is necessary to keep silver looking shiny and bright.

You can bring your Betty B. jewelry to the shop, and we’ll happily polish it in our ultra spiffy ultrasonic cleaner to get it looking new again, free of charge.

Not local to Ventura? Here are key tips on keeping your silver sparkling:

  • Use a specialized silver polishing cloth (which we sell for only $3) to lovingly clean your jewelry by handA soft polishing cloth is perfect for designs with have delicate or fine details, as tarnish is hard to remove from small surfaces and deep grooves.

Bring brilliance back to your silver with a sunshine polishing cloth

  • This one is especially tough for you surf Bettys and mermaids, but taking off your jewelry before you get into the water, bask on the sand, or dip in the pool is crucial to keeping you silver in sweet shape.
  • When not wearing your jewelry, store your special pieces in an air tight place– either a jewelry box or dedicated drawer are great. Although not the most glamorous, reusable bags with a zip tight seal are the best thing to use. We’ve also discovered this is a great way to keep your jewelry organized and safe while traveling. Come by the shop, and we give you as many as you need, plus some a new sticker to add to your collection!
  • Use this simple home remedy when your silver is in need of some serious TLC:
    • Place sterling silver in an aluminum pie tin, or, in a glass baking dish lined with aluminum foil. Sprinkle 1/2 to 1 cup baking soda over the silver. Keeping the pan in the sink to minimize splashing, and pour enough boiling water to cover the silver. Repeat if necessary. When the tarnish disappears, remove the silver, and rinse with clean water and toothbrush if needed.
  • Wearing jewelry while washing your hands is typically fine, as long as you dry your rings or bracelets along with your hands. If your jewelry gets submerged for a long period of time, place pieces in a warm, dry, safe place asap– and leave them out for a while (try a sunny window sill). This should thoroughly evaporate any moisture, and deter the chance of mold developing. This is especially important for closed-back bezel set jewelry. If mold does develop, your jewelry can be brought to the shop for a cleaning and resetting, which costs $7. 

Have more silver care questions? Give us a buzz at 805.648.6997 or, shoot us an email, and we’ll be thrilled to help.

Making Waves

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“Waves are a metaphor for the flow of a life. Born in the union of diverse elements, and destined for a shore beyond the far horizon.” – David Pu’u


A wave is birthed when the first wind of a growing storm blows upon the glimmering surface of a sea, thousands of miles away from the beach on which it breaks.

The story of the Betty B. Signature Wave design begins much like this timeless phenomenon.

Its inspiration swelled long before its first release in 2006.  Initially created to generate proceeds towards Surfaid International, the Betty B. Wave became the first of many Cause Collection designs. The Wave has since become a kind of internationally adopted symbol for ocean lovers, much like the peace sign.


The 1st Surfaid Cause Collection Wave

The now iconic symbol took many forms in the beginning including a necklace made of a wood and sterling pendant on a leather cord, a buckle on a coconut bead stretch belt, and a pure wood pendant.

Later incarnations include earrings, cuffs, keychains, and of course our quintessential silver charm introduced in 2008 that represents “ocean inspired jewelry” on Etsy and beyond.

Sea glass + Wave

Sea glass + Signature Betty Wave

Sterling studs

Betty Wave stud earrings

The Wave is worn to symbolize joyous living by the sea, a deep love for surf, and passion for adventure. There’s no greater expression of that than when Donna and David exchanged wedding rings in a specially designed Wave band in 2012.

David and Donna's wedding bands, designed by Donna

David and Donna’s wedding bands, designed by Donna

Ever since, many ocean loving couples have expressed that same beautiful bond they have with nature and each other with Wave engagement, and wedding rings.

Sterling Wave Band Ring

Even over the course of nearly a decade, this simple yet evocative form continues to inspire Donna.

The Betty B. Wave story continues to roll on with the most recent rendition released in 24 gold plated brass, which reflects the elegance nature lends to our manmade creations.

Golden Beauties

Golden Beauties


Sister Betty Bees

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The bee is more honoured than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labours for others.” –St. John Chrysostom

To truly live the life of a Betty from the heart, is to practice the daily wisdom that we are One with the Earth, the Ocean, and all living souls– that includes our kindred animal spirits- among them, are bees.

Honey bees face serious survivability today. In our connected world, that means we too may be facing trouble. As in the last blog post, we’ll share another way we infuse Made with Dignity into our community.

The guiding light of Made with Dignity is ultimately compassion moderated with cultural intelligence. The two facets create a wise and intimate connection to our precious blue marble, and all life up on it– even that of the tiniest creature, for she too, is precious.

Local Bee performing her pollinating miracle

In the last decade, bees have endured a state of extreme crisis. In 2005, honey bees started to mysteriously die in alarming numbers from what is now known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

With a decade of  research behind it, CCD appears to be  the result of generations of bees inheriting a deficient immune system due to exposure to harmful pesticides, lack of nutritious food from over-harvesting honey for the mass market, and other destructive commercial farming methods.

The impact of such practices leave bees more susceptible to devastating disease, developmentally crippled, and is leading towards apparent dearth of sustainability–as we have a direct dependency on them to pollinate over one-third of the world’s fresh food supply.

Because of human disconnection and misunderstanding, our vital pollinators– who help not only us, but the whole planet grow– are in critical condition, and could now perish without our help.

A portion of Betty B 1% for the Planet membership proceeds now support the Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association.


On a local level, they “bring goals of education, awareness, and honeybee preservation to a new level.” This for-purpose organization exists to offer “Learning [on] how to take care of the Honey Bee, so that she can continue taking care of us.”

A colony is a tribe of sister bees working very hard to keep our flowers, fruit, and their family alive. What they miraculously create within their home hives inspired one of our freshest designs; the Honeycomb— an ode to our sister Betty Bee.

Sweet life statement piece

Betty Bee Honeycomb Ring in sterling

Our hope is that through our Betty Tribe wearing this strong, dedicated symbol, we can bring awareness to the continuing struggle of our sister bee, and spark action towards healing her– for a sweet, healthy life is truly dependent on hers.

Betty Bee Honeycomb Stud Earrings in sterling

Betty Bee Honeycomb Stud Earrings in sterling

Betty Bee Honeycomb Charm Pendant  in sterling

Betty Bee Honeycomb Charm Pendant in sterling

Please visit us at our cozy corner boutique in Downtown Ventura to keep the buzz going, and shop in-store for the most current selection of styles and sizes.

Not in town? Order online, and we’ll deliver the sweetness to your doorstep.

With honey love,

Donna & Team Betty

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

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Merry Christmas, Ocean Lovers!

Thank you for choosing the gifts we make for those mermaids and mermen in your life.
If you are ordering online, please note our deadlines below to ensure you get it on time.
(To be safe, I have disabled First Class shipping, as we’ve found it’s not reliable enough when there’s a looming deadline.)

Last day to order for
So. California is Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 2014
Rest of USA is Tuesday, Dec. 16th, 2014
International is Dec. 12th, 2014

Thank you again! We truly appreciate your support of what we do. It is an honor to be able to make something that brings so much joy to those who wear it!

Donna von Hoesslin

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The Classic sea glass ring is a mermaid favorite. Shown here left to right in amber-orange, lime green (2), peach and teal.



Our “guilt free gift wrap” is recycled and has our personal touch. You can add a personal message too. The box also prevents tarnish if you store your silver inside.

Brand New Website: 3.0

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Well, we finally launched with integrated shop so now you don’t need to leave the website to get your goods. Much easier that way! Many Mahalos to our friends at Essential Surf for filling our web orders all these years. They will continue to carry key pieces in the line, so if you need a surfboard bag and a wave necklace, you can get them in the same order there.

We will now be shipping directly from our headquarters in Ventura, California, just four blocks from the ocean. This means more choices, more personalized service and free stoke and ocean breezes are always included.

You can now find all three brands in one place, easily found by price, material and style: Betty Belts, Betty B. and DvH Signature Designs. DvH is new and is a collection of my higher end pieces including sea glass and sterling silver. Coming soon: The DvH Red Carpet Collection, some very special sea glass showstoppers that are truly one of a kind. Take a sneak peek at one of these, the Mermaid Necklace.

Come see the new styles previously unavailable on the website including my sea glass mini pendants, sea glass rings and brooches and  upcycled surfboard resin jewelry!

If you read this far, you ROCK! So your reward is a 15% discount off your entire order when you use the code BRANDNEW at checkout (expires 12.31.11). Enjoy!

Smiles and Aloha from Ventura,

Donna von Hoesslin

What We Do.

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David Pu’u is, as you probably already know, a very gifted photographer of beautiful things. He and I are both blessed to work with some amazing people, including twins Hailey and Sierra Partridge. Here is his most recent blog about what that means…

Model Models

by David Pu’u

Recently, NYC based production company Silent Crow was in Ventura. Two writers with the company happened to have connected with Donna Von Hoesslin of Betty B and learning a little bit about her female inspired Eco Fashion line. They came up with an idea.

Producer Matt Bennett showed up to do a little bit of discovery work, and honed a reality show concept that deviated from the norm, in that it endeavors to look at the personalities and lives of the women in both my and Donna’s lives. Silent Crow named the show Bonafide.

Donna and I have long exchanged working relationships with people who we see as unique, and able to be involved in both the editorial market, and branding process, both for the model as a product, and for Betty B’s unique, ethics based, fashion accessories line.

What Matt discovered is that each one of these women is a story unto themselves. Tricky thing to formulate a show upon. I just saw the teaser reel that Silent Crow Produced, and that I contributed footage and stills to. I think they get it. Not an easy thing to do, getting something that is a world unto itself… (continue reading and see more gorgeous shots)