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Valentines Gift Ideas for Ocean Lovers

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Valentine’s Day for most ocean lovers is a bit different. We love the natural stuff, even found objects. I find it incredibly romantic when I come home from a day at the shop to find some sea glass gems my husband finds for me on his runs at the beach.
For those of you who want something everyday wearable for your ocean lover this Valentine’s day, I have some suggestions that are sure to please.

LAST DAY to order for USA is Monday, Feb 9th for USA and Tuesday Feb 10th for SoCal areas! (We do ship worldwide as well, but shipping times are inconsistent depending on country)

Thank you for making my job such a joy! Sharing the love of the ocean via my designs has been an immense pleasure over the years.

– Donna von Hoesslin

Sea Glass Mermaid Tear with Wave Charm Necklace.

Sea Glass Mermaid Tear with Wave Charm Necklace, $57-72+


Sea glass rings are #1 on many a mermaid’s wish list. Click image to see more designs, $48+

The Bethany sea glass bracelet is a great everyday piece that fits anyone.

The Bethany sea glass bracelet is a great everyday classic, $79

Upcycled surfboard resin heart necklace is #scraptostyle

Upcycled surfboard resin heart necklace is #scraptostyle. $43

Upcycled surfboard resin charm necklace in sterling.

Upcycled surfboard resin charm necklace in sterling, $42


Upcycled surfboard resin heart charm fully adjustable bracelet, $32

Upcycled surfboard resin heart charm fully adjustable bracelet

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Triangle Love

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My husband is right. I really need to start blogging more. I’ve been posting a lot on my Instagram and Facebook (@Bettybelts  follow me!) but not very much at all right here on my very own website. And there is so much to share, to fill you in on.

For starters how about some pretty pictures of some of my new designs? I’ve got a plethora of them in my upcycled surfboard resin collection.

The “Tay” triangle collection is my current favorite. This design is named after Taylor Bruynzeel of Team Betty. Yes, our very own surf team! (I name many of my designs after team riders and other women who inspire me.)

Taylor just turned 17 and she’s quite a talented stepper on the waves. I’ve taken to calling her “Switchstance Tay” because she’s so good at riding both ways and switching stance several times on any given ride. she’s a joy to surf with, always smiling when she glides past you perched on the nose. She’s one to watch! Check out her website and follow her on instagram @taylorbruynzeel .


The “Tay” upcycled surfboard resin triangle necklace. Handmade with 925 sterling.


The “Tay”, a.k.a. “Play Button” upcycled surfboard resin ring. Call shop or click on contact to order 805-648-6997


Bethany Fankhauser of Team Betty modeling the “Tay” drop earrings. $42


The “Tay” handmade upcycled surfboardresin and sterling earrings.


#upcycledstye #wearyoursunshine #savedfromthelandfill #connectedtotheocean #calistyle #madewithdignity #bettybelts

upcycled surfboard resin jewelry

Upcycled Surfboard resin studs $42 #colorlove #wearyoursunshine


“Tay” triangle necklaces are fun for layering $32


Thank you, @Bethfank for modeling! #teambetty


Layering it with one of my “mermaid’s tear” sea glass micros. One of our favorite summer looks!

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Happy Mothers Day!

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“My daughter and I LOVE our rings!! We call them our ‘power rings’. I told her that since seaglass is something that has been “broken” and tumbled by the sea and comes out even more beautiful, that she can use it as a touchstone for when she goes through tough times. She has already used that thought, and the power of the ring, to get through something tough this week.” – Amy, Plum Goods

Mother’s Day is special around here. It is a reminder of what brings us into this world and inspires us.
I am blessed, as a designer, to get to be a part of your story in a small way. Well, I just love that. It warms my heart every time.

A message of love to moms from David Pu'u and Ocean Lovers

A message of love to moms from David Pu’u and Ocean Lovers

Today, Mother’s Day, I will be in the shop and I will get to see some of you who are bringing mom in to pick out something nice. I can’t tell you how wonderful that feels for me! Thank you for that.

- Donna von Hoesslin (Pu’u) , Designer, Owner, Ocean Lover


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More DvH Signature Sea Glass Designs

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You can now find some of my new genuine sea glass designs on my new website.

As always, Made with Dignity.

Smiles and Aloha,

Donna von Hoesslin

Sea Glass Trio Pendant

Genuine Sea Glass Trio Pendant "Mosaic" from the DvH collection of Betty Belts

Ocean Lovers sea glass and wave charm necklace

Sea glass ring in sea foam, single bezel, hand made 925 sterling

Sierra Partridge of Team Betty with the new single bezel sea glass ring in sea foam.

Italy Sea Glass Rings by Donna von Hoesslin for Betty Belts

Italy Sea Glass Rings by Donna von Hoesslin for Betty Belts


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Sea Glass Designs

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Hello Ocean Lovers!

I have been designing sea glass jewelry for three years now, but failed to mention it much here on the blog. I’ve been told by many that I need to share this part of my art more widely, so please enjoy the pictures below and let me know if you have any questions about them.

We are in the process of re-doing the website and soon you will find more frequent updates and many new styles of double bezel set designs in sea glass pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings in many sizes and colors!

Check out the  Betty Belts Facebook Page for more frequent updates, inspiration, ocean love and opportunities to win your own ocean-inspired accessories!

Cobalt Sea Glass Double Bezel Set in Sterling

Cobalt Sea Glass Double Bezel Set in Sterling

Sea Glass Mini Pendants

Sea glass cuff links and ring

Sea glass cuff links and ring

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New Designs!

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Our sweetest new designs are ready for you!In time for your holiday giving and wishing.

Here’s a taste, click on any to go see the rest!

With lots of  love from your favorite Betty!

Come see my new sea glass designs and why beach glass is such a cherished ocean gem for the most unique jewelry!

Come see the new Karma jewelry.

And my beautiful new “Shawn” leather cuff named after the wonder woman Shawn Alladion of famed K38 Rescue and Team Betty!

More at

PS Use the code FRIEND at checkout for 10% off your order!

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