Paradise Found (Still)


Bali is changing.


I’ve been coming here for 12 years since starting Betty Belts in 2003 and haven’t seen a more rapid metamorphosis, well,…  ever. Not that things aren’t changing rapidly at home, but it somehow seems more obvious here. And, honestly, as exciting as it is, I find it a bit sad.

Today we visited a surf break we’ve been coming to for many years that was a lonely and beautiful wave paradise for a long time. I arrived and saw the large crowd in the water, the vendors, the cars all lined up along the road… it had become a global surf destination. I was so saddened by the transformation that had taken place, that I lost all desire to paddle out. Just an example of what this looks like: we heard stories of surf guides from down the coast brazenly bringing hordes of surf tourists to the spot. Some of them charge their clients based on wave count, which they would help them obtain by often aggressive methods in the lineup. The friction has been ongoing, police needed to be involved and the result is that the locals have implemented a policy of Locals Only Sundays which seems like it’s going to work.

Property values are skyrocketing at an unsustainable rate for the Balinese as people from around the world attempt to snatch up their own piece of paradise.

But Bali continues to enchant. If you know where to look. The smiles don’t come as readily as they used to… there is a certain amount of uneasiness that seems to exist now, and it wasn’t there before, not like this. The unique culture here that is rooted in gratitude is the framework that holds it all together, and makes for a type of spiritual sustainability.

Don’t let go, Bali. Please, don’t let go.

Here is the first video clip David put together for this trip with music from friends we met along the way here, Markus and Adina.  More to come.

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Bali Again

Sunrise at the Villa L'Orange

Sunrise at the Villa L’Orange, Bali

Ahhh, Bali!

It feels so good to be back. After 12 years of coming to Bali, my search for a better paradise has come to an end. You see, I found this place, Villa L’Orange, by chance, on Google Earth actually. It was on my last trip here, while scanning this coastline for a lesser known surf spot a friend had told me about. I fell in love with the place and we ended up staying the remaining eight days without leaving the place.

High five welcome back to Bali. Seems like here's always a cute puppy here at the beach.

Beach Puppy high five welcoming us back to Bali. 

David and I changed it up a bit this time, and will be staying the entire three weeks here at the villa instead of in Ubud. We’ve been here for three nights now and haven’t left except to go to the beach and gather sea glass and imagery (David). The surf hasn’t been happening for me yet, but my board is waxed and ready to go when I am. But we are both abuzz with music and art and creativity here in our Bali digs… the surroundings just feed that here.

Sea glass delight. Pieces sorted to become future pendants.

Sea glass delight. Pieces sorted to become future pendants.


Patterned sea glass is always extra fun to design with.

My sea glass is spread out on the table on our veranda and I am enjoying the sorting and design process. David got right to work shooting time lapses and the beauty that surrounds us.


The pool at the villa is enjoyed to the max by resident Goldens Andrea and Bella.

We made new friends here, who were working on some new music when we arrived, and jumped right into the creative process. We already made some art together with more in the works as I write this. Adina and Markus are enchanting human beings along with the owners, Mr. T and Iulian. Inspiring and lively conversations have been the norm and new ideas bloom like lotus flowers.

Adina Butar jumped in the pool to for a quick shoot with David and I before leaving for her next show on her Indonesia tour. We channeled her inner mermaid!

Adina Butar jumped in the pool to for a quick photo shoot with David before her flight out, channelling her inner mermaid! She is wearing one of my seaglass mermaid tear charms on a braided cord along with my Adina pearl necklace/bracelet.

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Sunrise at Villa L’Orange, Bali à la David Pu’u

Life is beautiful and I give thanks.

– Donna




Making Waves

“Waves are a metaphor for the flow of a life. Born in the union of diverse elements, and destined for a shore beyond the far horizon.” – David Pu’u


A wave is birthed when the first wind of a growing storm blows upon the glimmering surface of a sea, thousands of miles away from the beach on which it breaks.

The story of the Betty B. Signature Wave design begins much like this timeless phenomenon.

Its inspiration swelled long before its first release in 2006.  Initially created to generate proceeds towards Surfaid International, the Betty B. Wave became the first of many Cause Collection designs. The Wave has since become a kind of internationally adopted symbol for ocean lovers, much like the peace sign.


The 1st Surfaid Cause Collection Wave

The now iconic symbol took many forms in the beginning including a necklace made of a wood and sterling pendant on leather, a buckle on a coconut bead stretch belt, and a pure wood pendant.

Later incarnations include earrings, cuffs, keychains, and of course our quintessential silver charm introduced in 2008 that represents “ocean inspired jewelry” on Etsy and beyond.

Sea glass + Wave

Sea glass + Signature Betty Wave

Sterling studs

Sterling studs

The Wave is worn to symbolize joyous living by the sea, a deep love for surf, and passion for adventure. There’s no greater expression of that than when Donna and David exchanged wedding rings in a specially designed Wave band in 2012.

David and Donna's wedding bands, designed by Donna

David and Donna’s wedding bands, designed by Donna

Ever since, many ocean loving couples have also expressed that same beautiful bond with nature and each other with Wave engagement, and wedding rings.

Wave Band Ring

Even over the course of nearly a decade, this simple yet evocative form continues to inspire Donna.

The Betty B. Wave story continues to roll on with the most recent rendition released in 24 gold plated brass, which reflects the elegance nature lends to our manmade creations.

Golden Beauties

Golden Beauties