Sister Betty Bees

The bee is more honoured than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labours for others.” -St. John Chrysostom

To truly live the life of a Betty from the heart, is to practice the daily wisdom that we are One with the Earth, the Ocean, and all living souls– that includes our kindred animal spirits- among them, are bees.

Honey bees face serious survivability today. In our connected world, that means we too may be facing trouble. As in the last blog post, we’ll share another way we infuse Made with Dignity into our community.

The guiding light of Made with Dignity is ultimately compassion moderated with cultural intelligence. The two facets create a wise and intimate connection to our precious blue marble, and all life up on it– even that of the tiniest creature, for she too, is precious.

Local Bee performing her pollinating miracle

In the last decade, bees have endured a state of extreme crisis. In 2005, honey bees started to mysteriously die in alarming numbers from what is now known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

With a decade of  research behind it, CCD appears to be  the result of generations of bees inheriting a deficient immune system due to exposure to harmful pesticides, lack of nutritious food from over-harvesting honey for the mass market, and other destructive commercial farming methods.

The impact of such practices leave bees more susceptible to devastating disease, developmentally crippled, and is leading towards apparent dearth of sustainability–as we have a direct dependency on them to pollinate over one-third of the world’s fresh food supply.

Because of human disconnection and misunderstanding, our vital pollinators– who help not only us, but the whole planet grow– are in critical condition, and could now perish without our help.

A portion of Betty B 1% for the Planet membership proceeds now support the Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association.


On a local level, they “bring goals of education, awareness, and honeybee preservation to a new level.” This for-purpose organization exists to offer “Learning [on] how to take care of the Honey Bee, so that she can continue taking care of us.”

A colony is a tribe of sister bees working very hard to keep our flowers, fruit, and their family alive. What they miraculously create within their home hives inspired one of our freshest designs; the Honeycomb– an ode to our sister Betty Bee.

Sweet life statement piece

Betty Bee Honeycomb Ring in sterling

Our hope is that through our Betty Tribe wearing this strong, dedicated symbol, we can bring awareness to the continuing struggle of our sister bee, and spark action towards healing her– for a sweet, healthy life is truly dependent on hers.

Betty Bee Honeycomb Stud Earrings in sterling

Betty Bee Honeycomb Stud Earrings in sterling

Betty Bee Honeycomb Charm Pendant  in sterling

Betty Bee Honeycomb Charm Pendant in sterling

Please visit us at our cozy corner boutique in Downtown Ventura to keep the buzz going, and shop in-store for the most current selection of styles and sizes.

Not in town? Order online, and we’ll deliver the sweetness to your doorstep.

With honey love,

Donna & Team Betty

Made with Dignity Defined

Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn’t blow in the wind or change with the weather.” -John D. MacDonald

What does “Made with Dignity really mean?” you might wonder…

It means through our business practice we enrich and sustainably support our cherished relationships and environment on every level.

A deep love for the ocean, Earth, and humanity guides every decision made at Betty Belts. This simple intention, above all else, is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Soaking in the blessings of Bali's shores

Blessed by ocean beauty in Bali

Making choices this way generates positive energy in all of our team members, and an undercurrent of good vibes in every piece of product we offer to you, our dear customer. A true world-wide collaboration must happen in order to create our inspired and unique designs.

Made on the island of Bali and locally here in California, the work is done by those who are passionate about their artistry– they pour genuine love of the craft into each handmade piece.

In this post we’ll focus on our beloved Team Betty in Bali. Donna’s Balinese soul sister and business partner, Ketut, is the leader of our island Betty tribe.


Donna sharing laughs with Bali Bettys

She’s a woman of strong integral soul and mind-set. Blessing each day and each project with sweet prayer, incense, flowers, and other traditional offerings, Ketut infuses the “Made with Dignity” spirit into all aspects of work performed in our Bali studio headquarters.

An offering of gratitude

An offering of gratitude

Her practice of reverent gratitude for our growing global family working and thriving together across the expansive Pacific adds yet another deep layer of love into Betty Belts.

She employs mostly women, who otherwise may not have an opportunity to develop valuable skills in the trade of jewelry making. Through this treasured relationship, we have the opportunity to sustainably support the livelihood of local people in this village.

Honing in the craft

Honing in skills of craft

Made with Dignity not only means the creation of integral products, it’s a practice in sharing abundance where it’s most needed throughout a wider circle of connected communities.

The future of the village

The future of the village

Betty Belts gives to the East Bali Poverty Project (EBP)–an organization started to rebuild extremely remote villages destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1963. The suffering people of these devastated villages were neglected, forgotten, and faced near extinction when rediscovered more than three decades later.

As an active member (since 2007) of 1% for the Planeta partner organization of the EBP–our contributions toward reviving the villages have helped restore sustainable function back to their community once again.

As always, thank you so much for reading. In future posts, we’ll discuss how we practice Made with Dignity on both a local and larger scale by partnering with fellow Ventura businesses and other cause organizations.

Until then, sending smiles, sunshine, and the Aloha spirit.

With so much love,

Donna & Team Betty



Square Eye Candy

I asked my husband David to cull some of his images for new square format prints I will plan on selling in the shop soon. He got so inspired, he decided to take it three steps further and put together this awesome little video of work he’s done for Betty Belts along with collaborations with our amazing friends, some Glass Beach imagery and his phenonemal water work. You’ll recognize some favorite people and places, near and far, that have been in our life together for more than a decade.

If you see anything you’d like to own on an 8″x8″ printed easy to hang box, screenshot it and send it to me at Seaglass at and I will add it to our first order. These prints will be signed by David and available at my Ventura shop. Faraway folks can order by phone.

Enjoy while this excursion takes you from Ventura, across California, to Hawai’i, to Bali and even the Maledives with our friend Hannah Mermaid. The clip also features Team Betty surfers Jeanette Ortiz, Asia Mahy Carpenter, Ming Hui Brown, Tiare Thomas, Taylor Bruynzeel modeling and surfing.

– Donna Pu’u