Bright Friday

“Black Friday is, of course, a con.””
We’re calling it BRIGHT FRIDAY here at Betty Belts – Ocean Inspired Accessories.
Instead of taking a hit no self-respecting small business should ever have to do, we have decided to turn the whole thing around and DONATE 20% off all gross sales to a very worthy cause we donate to annually (since 2009) East Bali Poverty Project.
If you’d like to help them out, please consider a donation to their crowdfunder  here.  You’ll make a difference in the lives of some children in a faraway place who can make a difference in the lives of many others.
We do Cause Days on a regular basis to give back to people and planet.
Thank you, Seth Godin, for today’s blog “Unconscious Consumption“, which really nails it for me.
Big thanks to Proctor Surfboards for the title!

Update the day after: Thanks to so many wonderful people who came in and shopped yesterday, we raised $455 which is going directly to East Bali Poverty Project! This is beautiful and makes me smile. Thank you, everyone!

Raising the Bar

“The alternative is the quality ratchet:

Over-focus on quality.

Expectations go up.

Sales rise as a result of word of mouth and customer satisfaction.

More money is spent on quality.


Seth’s Blog today really nails it, what we’ve been building for the past 12 years.  How we endeavor to raise the bar at every opportunity. This is why I now see every fail as an opportunity to make it better.
Yes, there’s always going to be human error, a faulty component or just someone’s bad day creating hurdles in our day-to-day life here at Betty Belts, but the reality is we can always be grateful, find the compassion, and learn something from every “setback”. That is, learn something that helps us improve what we do. Making it even better.
The more joy we can bring into the world, the better.
My advice: exceed expectations and over-deliver, every chance you get!
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Build something beautiful out of something imperfect. Sea glass cairns show the way.


Compassion always helps.

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Like flowers, each of us has the potential to bring beauty into the world.


Teamwork brings in something good for all.


An oncoming storm can do damage, but also bring nourishment, cleansing and renewal.

Love is all around us. You just need to see it. A coconut heart.

Love is all around us. You just need to see it. A coconut heart.

“Mindfulness is a vital part of success.” – David Pu’u

Paradise Found (Still)


Bali is changing.


I’ve been coming here for 12 years since starting Betty Belts in 2003 and haven’t seen a more rapid metamorphosis, well,…  ever. Not that things aren’t changing rapidly at home, but it somehow seems more obvious here. And, honestly, as exciting as it is, I find it a bit sad.

Today we visited a surf break we’ve been coming to for many years that was a lonely and beautiful wave paradise for a long time. I arrived and saw the large crowd in the water, the vendors, the cars all lined up along the road… it had become a global surf destination. I was so saddened by the transformation that had taken place, that I lost all desire to paddle out. Just an example of what this looks like: we heard stories of surf guides from down the coast brazenly bringing hordes of surf tourists to the spot. Some of them charge their clients based on wave count, which they would help them obtain by often aggressive methods in the lineup. The friction has been ongoing, police needed to be involved and the result is that the locals have implemented a policy of Locals Only Sundays which seems like it’s going to work.

Property values are skyrocketing at an unsustainable rate for the Balinese as people from around the world attempt to snatch up their own piece of paradise.

But Bali continues to enchant. If you know where to look. The smiles don’t come as readily as they used to… there is a certain amount of uneasiness that seems to exist now, and it wasn’t there before, not like this. The unique culture here that is rooted in gratitude is the framework that holds it all together, and makes for a type of spiritual sustainability.

Don’t let go, Bali. Please, don’t let go.

Here is the first video clip David put together for this trip with music from friends we met along the way here, Markus and Adina.  More to come.