Surfing Mary Osborne: Location Costa Rica

By | June 3rd, 2008|All, pro surfing, surfing, travel, women's surfing|

Here’s our own lovely Mary Osborne surfing warm water waves in Costa Rica, all smiles, as usual!
LOVVVE that yellow bikini!
Check it our on her GO211 profile along with some of her other clips.

Sierra and Hailey Partridge’s Teach Surfing in Europe with O’Neill

By | September 22nd, 2007|All, surfing, travel|

Betty Belts team rider Hailey Partridge shares with us her story and photos from her summer trip to Spain and Holland, where she and her twin sister Sierra and other O’Neill team riders taught surfing to hundreds of eager Eurogroms.


Check out another video from that amazing trip to the Maledives. Three Betty Belts Team Riders went and a mermaid too!
Stay tuned for the Mermaid! You will love her! Meanwhile, enjoy watching the very lovely Mary Osborne dance on crystal blue waves.

East Coast Wahines Contest

By | July 19th, 2007|surf contests, surfing, women's surfing|

I’m so happy to sponsor this women’s surf contest year after year. The women behind the 11th Annual East Coast Wahines are, like Betty Belts, avid supporters of women’s surfing. This is a really fun surf contest for participants and spectators alike. So if you […]