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Article About Donna in Green Issue of DEEP Magazine

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DEEP Cover
DEEP is a wonderful magazine about the Ocean and those who pursue its pleasures.
I was fortunate to be featured in their Green issue this year with a profile about my business and ethics lovingly written by the man who knows me better than anyone, David Pu’u. Click on the page below to enlarge and click again to make large enough to read.

Thank you for letting me share this with you!


DEEP Article

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Betty Belts Surfer Mary Osborne Interviewed in USA Today!

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Congratulations to Mary, for getting this well deserved attention by one of our country’s biggest daily newspapers.
Mary Osborne was the very first surfer to join the Betty Belts Surf Team way back in 2003 and I’ve watched her career explode over the years.


By Sal Ruibal, USA TODAY

On the surface, Mary Osborne looks like a prototypical 21st Century Southern California surfer/model.
But don’t let the 27-year-old’s good looks, sun-bleached hair and athletic build fool you…

Read rest of the article here:

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Mary Osborne on What to get for your Surfing Valentine

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Mary really knows what you need to get your surfing Valentine.
Something fabulous from Betty B., of course!
Read her recommendations here.

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A Wave for Obama

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I watched the inauguration with much awe this morning.
Then I went surfing.
Conditions were perfect.
A beautiful sunny day in California.
A nice clean swell rolling in, long rides along glassy green walls.
I caught the perfect wave for Obama and rode it with grace.
It was a solid wave, steady, smooth, balanced and transparent.
Just like I hope the new administration will be.

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Betty Belts Adds New Talent to the Surf Team: Asia Carpenter

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Asia Carpenter, photo copyright David Pu'uAsia Carpenter apres surf, photo copyright David Pu'u

A hand written resume in the form of a photo album came in to the Betty Belts headquarters in Ventura one day a few months back from
13 year old Asia Carpenter, her pretty face on the cover. I’d heard about her from the Partridge twins, who we discovered back in 2005 when they sent in their cute resumes. They recommended Asia because she’s promising young talent. And I believe talent needs to be continually cultivated and supported.

Long story short, I agreed to sponsor her but wanted to see if we could help her start a career in surfing and modeling as we’ve been able to with other girls on the Betty Belts Surf Team. Mainly through the beautiful photography of the man in my life, David Pu’u and additionally with exposure on the Betty Belts Website, The Betty Blog and in print and web advertisements.

So Asia came down to Ventura. Her dad, two younger brothers plus a friend, her grandmother and various surfboards and skateboards came too. David shot with her over a period of two days, surfing, skating, candids on the beach and a glam night shoot with a faux fur coat. I did her hair and makeup and put Betty B. accessories on her, helping David where I could while trying to stay out of the way.

Asia at night, photo copyright David Pu'u

OMG all I can say is … WOW. The camera loves this girl. AND she can surf! So folks, keep an eye out for this young dynamo. She’s bound to be picked up by major sponsors very soon.

Go see David’s blog about Asia where you can see the rest of the images he shot and read his words.

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Surfing The Rivermouth Can Kill You

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This is only a few miles from where I collected sea glass the other day but usually surf instead.
Us surfers do live dangerously, don’t we?
Read David’s blog post below to find out why.

Santa Clara Estuary at Sunset, copyright David Pu'u

Watershed Et Terminus
January 5th, 2009
By David Pu’u

I generally avoid classic landscape work. There is more than enough of it out there. Sometimes it is difficult however, as the subject can be such a part of the place in which one lives that it begs to be documented.

The Santa Clara river runs from the Sespe to the sea. Over the geologic course of time it’s meandering track formed the fertile coastal plain shared by Ventura, and Oxnard. It empties into the sea today just South of the Ventura Harbor.

The river carries a huge amount of diverse substances in it’s effluent. Water, mud, sand, trash, and the hidden toxicity of mankind’s civilized existence seem to find their way into fluid passage and get deposited in the coastal estuary. Estuaries teem with all manner of life when not horribly impacted by the affects of population density.

This estuary has moments where it can be so polluted, that contact with it’s waters can be unpleasant at best, and fatal at worst. Ask me how I know some time (surfed and shot it for close to 40 years) and I will tell you what I have experienced. A very old sewage treatment plant sits next to the river. They have incidents some times as any place might. So sewage can end up flowing into the estuary. It sits, festers, bacteria boom in number. Then we get the rains and the sand berm that damns the estuary bursts and the Santa Clara river estuary flushes out into the ocean. Not unlike the way a toilet works in some ways. It IS ironic. In any event it seems like a lot of things wind up in the river that probably never were intended to be there.

Surfers are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine of a society that needs to learn to practice containment and treatment of it’s seamier byproducts… (read rest of story and see all the beautiful images here)

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