Surfboard Resin: Upcycled & Exclusive
Sea Glass: Wave-Formed.
Our Philosophy: Made with Dignity

Welcome to a vibrant world of ocean inspiration!

As a designer, my goal is to connect people with the ocean, entwining their passions and relationships with the sea by creating original, handmade, ocean-inspired jewelry and accessories in a sustainable manner. I started Betty Belts in 2003, a few short years after I myself discovered the joy and healing of the ocean when I started surfing. I stay true to my commitment to the community of artisans who hand craft my designs, the dreams of those whose lives are inspired by the sea, and the preservation of environment, culture and all that is authentic.

I hope you enjoy your visit and find something to wear, share and enjoy for many years to come.

With Aloha and gratitude,

Donna von Hoesslin Pu’u, founder, designer, surfer, ocean lover


Offering objects of beauty and authenticity made with natural materials, the three brands you will find here, Betty Belts, Betty B. and the DvH Signature Collection are all about expressing your love of the ocean. Always made with dignity, this is stress free beauty to add to your daily outfits. Wear, inspire and be inspired. Simple.

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In a world which encourages mindless following, soulless products and companies, Betty B.’s mantra is “Be authentic, buy authentic.”Betty Belts and Betty B. accessories are designed to inspire and connect people with the beauty and peace of an ocean centric existence.

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Find all the goods and more at our brick and mortar shop.

Betty B.
12 North Fir Street
Ventura, CA 93001
Tel. 805.648.6997
Open daily 12-6, Mondays 3-6

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